May 222019
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Written by Mr Stewart

Students in years 9, 10 and 11 sat the Intermediate Maths Challenge in February 2019. Altogether they received 9 Gold, 15 Silver and 20 Bronze Awards.

Talaal Sharif in Year 9 achieved a Silver Award, Best in Year. Umaiza Ahmed came a close second in Year 9 also achieving a Silver Award.

There were five Gold Award winners in Year 10: Qays Mitchell (best in year), Raif Ali, Oliver Hansen, Haider Jafree and Meghala Srinath.

There were four Gold Award winners in Year 11: Olgu Pilav (also Best in School), Celine Abuzahra, Ethan Welch and Diya Megchiani. Olgu achieved an outstanding merit in the follow up Maclaurin Challenge Paper.