May 222019
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Written by Mr Dales

BSB and Nadeen joined three St. Chris teams – Forge, Pacific and Valour – for an inaugural football mini-tournament on Wednesday 10 April. It presented an ideal opportunity for 24 of our footballers to gain some experience in a competitive environment and for many of them, was the first time they had represented St. Christopher’s. All three teams, named after clubs competing in the also-inaugural Canadian Premier League, found the going tough initially, coming up against some determined opposition who refused to give our players time and space. This was only the bottom of the learning curve though, and as the game progressed, so did the understanding and teamwork, leading ultimately to some credible performances. Well played to all those involved and thanks to the staff involved in creating this opportunity.

St. Chris Forge: Stirling Fraser, Ronan Farrell, Jack Chalkley, Ish Kumar, Daniel Hanna, Meldine Jawad, Sayf Shehadeh, Mohammed AlAali.

St. Chris Pacific: Rashid Al Khalifa, Karim Riskalla, Amir Hinedi, Abdulla Dashti, Hesham Degia, Yousif Alaali, Ali Lalani, Ramsey Kawa.

St. Chris Valour: Yusuf Bouchelkia, Seif Amin, Mateen Malik, Stef Mutimuvezwa, Neel Kumar, Makai Chanian, Naji El Ali, Kian Boushehri.