Dec 102014
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Bahrain Young Performers Festival 2014bsb young perfomers festival

The third Bahrain Young Performers Festival took place between the 17 and 20 November. Hosted by the British School of Bahrain, the Festival draws pupils from schools throughout Bahrain in areas of Music, Dance, Poetry and Monologues. All of the St Christopher’s School pupils who took part throughout the week performed commendably. Not all of them will be seen on paper as winners, however, many gave extraordinary performances in their own right. Well done to them all, whether they took part as musicians, dancers or actors. Special thanks should also be expressed to their trainers, teachers and accompanists. At the Final, where performers from all categories of the Festival compete against each other, St Christopher’s School pupils performed to an extremely high standard. The evening is always a diverse event and the five judges must have had an almost impossible task of choosing the winners. However, their deliberations brought these results:

Novice Winners:              Sophie Moir and Alex Jones (Dance Duo)

Intermediate Winner:     Benjamin Wall (Drama Solo)

Advanced Winner:          Michel Toutoungy and Rayan Bannaei (Violin Duo)

Choir Winner:                   St Christopher’s Choir ‘Cantata’

Ensemble Winner:          St Christopher’s Arnold Brass

Special awards also went to:

Diversity Award:              Safiya Jamil (Vocal)

Star of the Future:           Ian Fernandez (Piano)


British School of Bahrain Young Performers Festival Results 2014

bsb young preformance 01



  1. Tyra Jagtiani (APA / BSB)
  2. Lina Al Samahiji (APA / BSB)
  3. Yara Khazindar (APA / BSB)

Brass / Woodwind / Strings / Percussion

  1. Tom Butlin – Guitar (St Chris)
  2. Ji Won Lee – Violin (APA / BSB)
  3. Urvi Ashar – Violin (St Chris)


  1. Nosica Durnand (Inspire)
  2. Eleanor Garland (Inspire)
  3. Laurence Garland (Inspire)



  1. Ian Fernandez (Life in Music)
  2. Yasmeen Ameen (Al Rawabi)
  3. Ayse Atak (St Chris)

Brass / Woodwind

  1. Lawrence Garland – Drums (Harmony Centre)
  2. James Pilgrim –Trumpet (St Chris)


  1. Arushi Bisaria – Violin (APA / BSB)
  2. Christian AlKerah – Violin (St Chris)
  3. Ali Ghurbal – Violin (Inspire)


  1. Trudy Beckett-McInroy (Inspire)
  2. Luna Maronese (Inspire)
  3. Lauren Pharren (Life in Music)




  1. Fatima Abbady (St Chris)
  2. Elisa Ferreira (BSB)
  3. Ping Ping Turongpun (APA / BSB), Megumi Takano (APA / BSB)

Wind / Brass / Percussion

  1. Oliver Bloodworth – Trumpet (st Chris)
  2. Spike Thomas – Saxophone (St Chris)
  3. Elizabeth Caley – Oboe (St Chris)


  1. Shannon Wong – violin (St Chris)
  2. Shariq Meedin – Guitar (St Chris)
  3. Spike Thomas – Violin (St Chris)


  1. Safiya Jamali (Inspire), Diya Thomas Palathinkal (APA, BSB)
  2. Luke Doporto (Inspire)
  3. Tanuj Sameer Oundhaker




  1. Laura Beck


  1. Michel Toutoungy & Rayan Bannaei – Violins (St Chris)
  2. Liela Al Sugair – Violin (St Chris)
  3. Luna Fukatsu – Violin (APA / BSB)

Wind / Brass

  1. Marco Maggi – Trombone (St Chris)
  2. Nicolas Kalis – Trumpet (St Chris)
  3. Lulu Al Sugair – Flute (St Chris)


  1. Ali Adenwala (Inspire)
  2. Scarlet Robinson (Inspire)
  3. Cecilie Blankholm (Inspire)



  1. Arnold Brass (St Chris)
  2. Sayf & Deema Turkomani & Daniel Falzon (BSB), Michel Toutoungy, Rayan Bannaei & Matthew Holman (St Chris)
  3. Saxophone Quartet (St Chris)



  1. Pulse (St Chris Senior), Cantata (St Chris Senior)
  2. Inspire Youth Choir
  3. St Chris Junior Choir