Dec 112014
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Random Acts of Kindness Day

random act of kindness

Huneeya Siddiqui, Year 13, writes that, on Thursday 13 November, the students and staff of St Christopher’s School celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day, an internationally recognized initiative. On this day, everyone was encouraged to spread compassion and generosity through small acts, such as holding the door open for someone or smiling at a stranger. Although these small acts are ones that people should be doing on a daily basis, by dedicating a day to Random Acts of Kindness, we try to encourage people to be thoughtful about how they treat others and how their actions affect others. On this day, a board was set up where students could anonymously write post-its describing their experience on the day. These ranged from small, yet touching acts such as a student giving a peer words of encouragement after she felt she did not do well on the bleep test, to grander gestures such as re-establishing an old friendship. These amiable and affectionate actions are just two examples of many, showing us how words of encouragement and seemingly small actions can make someone’s day and spread positivity. The first Random Acts of Kindness Day celebrated at St Christopher’s School was a successful initiative and one that we hope to continue for years to come.