Dec 092014
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Destination to Imagination

The Nursery children were as pleased as punch to board the bus to PLAY for our first trip of the year. Seat belts firmly secured, the driver set off. The wheels of the bus certainly went round and round as the children sang in unison.

When we arrived at Seef Mall, we had the excitement of going up in the lift in groups with the teacher and waved to our friends waiting patiently below.

Nursery Play1

The ladies at PLAY were there to greet us and after we had put our shoes safely in the cubbies we learned their Golden Rules. We had our snack by the big ship, keeping our eyes out for starving seagulls and pillaging pirates. Thankfully there were none to be seen!

Nursery Play2

Then it was time to explore the busy ‘town’. The children’s imagination ran riot as they role-played the different scenarios. From the supermarket to the surgery, from the builders to the jail, the child had a wonderful time. Caroline from NA used the fire hose “to put out the dragon’s fire” and danced for joy when she had saved her class.

The trip home was considerably quieter as the children snuggled in their seats reflecting on all of the fun they had had.