Dec 102014
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BSME Kuwait   27-30 November 2014

bsme kuwait

In true St Chris style, seven students, Paul Bagshaw and Lis Holman travelled to Kuwait with enthusiasm to work and play to the best of their abilities. For three students, this was not their first BSME music trip- they were going back for more, because they knew it was so good. In only two days, the students put together an impressive concert of wonderful music, with a tenuous link of film/TV themes.

They also made time for non-musical activities, a bbq and an evening at a theme park. Music is the common language they all share and it is always wonderful to hear and see students spontaneously improvising together, singing a song at the snack table, sitting on the floor in a corner just playing a piece by ear or doing a Stomp version of a well-known song in the bus with seat backs and water bottles being turned into percussion instruments! This weekend was pure evidence of the importance of music in these young people’s lives, bringing them together and helping them realise that they belong to a very special Musical World.