Dec 092014
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Playing around

On Thursday 27 November the children in Year 2 were visited by freelance toy designers, Ayleen and George Gaspar, from California, who run a company called October Toys.

Between them they have worked on many high profile projects such as designing Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Ninja Turtles and WWE Wrestling toys. George also helped produce the armour for the Thor movies and costumes for the recent Star Trek film. One of his earliest jobs was producing effects on the X-Files TV series.

Toy Designer Visit

The children were told about the process of design, sculpting, moulding and manufacturing toys before asking some brilliant questions about how toys are made. They were very enthused afterwards when they went back to classes to work on a ‘design a new toy’ task and were great at identifying which materials they would use and how they would be made.

Even more exciting was that every child got to take one of George and Ayleen’s very own line of collectible figures home with them.