Dec 092014
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Long live the Tudors!

The sound of a brass fanfare heralded the start of one of the most special days in the Year 5 calendar: Tudor Day on Wednesday 12November. The Junior Hall had been beautifully prepared as a banqueting hall and the tables were resplendent with places fit for a king and all his queens.

Y5 Tudor Day

A sumptuous Tudor-style feast was enjoyed by all and served by a team of dedicated and diligent serving ladies. The top table saw a number of visiting kings and queens and it was an honour to be in their company.

The banquet was punctuated by a series of Tudor-themed musical performances and narrations. Every child in the Year Group took part, performing class compositions and songs on a variety of instruments. The standard of performance was incredibly high. A group of Tudor musicians, who just happened to be passing, joined in the fun by performing several recorder ensemble pieces. The entertainment concluded with a rousing rendition of (allegedly) Henry VIII’s own masterpiece: Greensleeves.

Tudor Day 2

It was a fantastic day, enjoyed by children and staff alike. Every single person had made an effort with their costumes and there are many happy, shared memories of what was a remarkable day.