Dec 112014
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Senior Girls Volleyball – League Winners

Another phenomenal season of Volleyball! The Senior Girls ended the season easily with an undefeated reputation of winning the League with no losses and some cherished memories of the amusement we had at the Tournament! I am extremely proud of our team who are not only determined and hardworking, but also have given up time and effort to achieve what we have today. We also will not forget Phoebe’s hard winning serves that quickly increased our chances of winning every set! It was a privilege working with our team, who have become more of a funny, enthusiastic family, and a sad but great final year of Volleyball, for me, at St Christopher’s! I am so proud of the team. Well done!

Melinda Legg – Captain

Volleyball - Senior Girls SHO

Squad Players: Melinda Legg, Kirsty Coyle, Jana AlAfoo,  Keilan Kabalaoui, Kirsten Lee, Olivia Wilson, Kianna Legg, Razan Al Musawi, Phoebe Licence, Cayla Harris, Jessica Sutton, Aishwarya Krishnan, Chloe Atkinson

Player of the Season – Phoebe Licence

Most Improved Player – Kianna Legg