Dec 112014
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Boys Volleyball 2014

 Finished in 2nd Place

Overall, an Outstanding season for the Senior Boys Volleyball team. They had a very successful season, winning most games and losing only two games by the smallest of margins. I was particularly pleased with the number of boys that attended the practices, showing a willingness and desire to succeed. We had a fantastic squad of players that made a great contribution to the team, showing great resilience throughout the season.

Volleyball Boys - Senior Boys RCH

Player of the Season – Jack Pearce

Most Improved Player – Ahmet Rizk

Senior Boys Squad 

Yousef Alsharif
Salman Alwadi
Jean Boujakli
Will Caley
Jordan lcelli
Christophe Karam
Omar Mukkaram
Jake O’Neil
Jack Pearce
Ahmet Rizk
Shiraz Wasim