Dec 112014
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The Year 3 and 4 Sports Days took place on Monday 17 November at the Saar campus. The athletes were in fine form and battled their way over obstacle courses, threw javelins and raced over 75m trying to become the next Usain Bolt.

They worked with their peers in teams of 5 or 6 and the sportsmanship and effort on display was immense.

“I loved the long jump because I kept scoring maximum points for my team” Faisal Kanoo Year 4

“It was really cool and energetic’ Lilly Bull Year 4

The results were:

Year 3 – 1st Falcon, 2nd Kestrel, 3rd Osprey, 4th Merlin

Year 4 – 1st Falcon, 2nd Kestrel, 3rd Merlin, 4th Osprey

After many months of training within PE lessons the Year 5 and 6 Sports Day finally arrived on Wednesday 19 November. The athletes had to choose a minimum of 2 events and a maximum of 4 events which included; 55m, 100m, 200m, 600m, Relay, Shot Putt, Javelin, Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, and Ball Throw.

Once again many records were broken and some that had stood for 7 years! Clearly Sophie Moir in Year 5 stood out among the record breakers, as did Imaan Makhdum in Year 6. Below were the records that were broken:

Year 5 Girls Long Jump Sophie Moir 1.99
Year 5 Boys Long Jump Josh Cockerill 1.96
Year 6 Girls Triple Jump Imaan Makhdum 5.47
Year 5 Girls High Jump Alex Myatt 1.06
Year 5 Girls 600m Sophie Moir 2.20.77
Year 5 Girls 200m Sophie Moir 34.22
Year 6 Girls 100m Imaan Makhdum 14.15
Year 5 Girls Relay Falcon (Sophie Moir, Carys McCabe, Kyla Reekie, Tess   Humpreys) 57.12
Year 5 Boys Relay Falcon (Alex Hopman-Ruh, Matthias Hopman-Ruh, Josh Cockerill,   Matthew Holland) 54.93
Year 6 Girls Relay Kestrel (Coco DeSouza, Ruby Mitchell, Angelina Hartshorne,   Sulaf Al Jabal) 55.48

The results were 1st Falcon, 2nd Kestrel, 3rd Osprey, and 4th Merlin

“It was an excellent day and I had lots of fun” Ali Mohammed Al-Nusuf” – Year 5

“I like the different events and found them challenging” Mohammed Ghaith – Year 5