Dec 112014
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It’s Tash Time


The male staff and Sixth Form boys decided to remain hairy once again during the month of November to raise money for Men’s Health in Bahrain. This is a worldwide charity event started by two Australians in Adelaide about ten years ago and has raised millions of Dollars (and Dinars) since its humble beginnings. Altogether, just over BD1300 was raised and will be donated to The Bahrain Cancer Society in support of Prostate Cancer research. Special mention must be made of Latifa Bin Ali who produced the blue ribbons, Mr Scott who made ‘MOs on a Stick’ and the IB CAS girls (Hannah, Tehniyat, Tehreem, Rishita and Jannel) who organised an excellent Mo Bake Sale.  Also, to Ms McKay with her endless enthusiasm to keep the Mo-mentum going throughout the Mo-nth of Mo-vember. Well done and many thanks to everyone who contributed to this worthy cause this year.


Hairyly yours,


Barry Hobday

Head of Taches