Oct 172018
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Written by Reanne Coutinho

Whether it’s the the Iodine clock reaction, the Blue Bottle experiment or even the production of Tollen’s reagent, the St Christopher’s Chemistry Club has attempted it all!

As we embark on the new academic year, we find ourselves exposed to numerous exhilarating after-school activities, one of which includes the Chemistry Club run by two of the very best educators St Christopher’s has to offer, Mr Gillard and Dr Edwards.

The Chemistry Club, a place where students are able to broaden their interests in advanced scientific concepts as well as strengthen their understanding of the fundamentals, has already covered a vast array of fascinating chemical experiments. The Chemistry Club does not only offer students the ability to bring their textbook pages to life, but also provides them with a  place to interact with those who share the same passion and adoration for the intriguing world of science.

Each Sunday, these diligent students assemble with the same remarkable attitude they possessed the week earlier, to once again carry out a series of successful (and some not so successful!) experiments. With the guidance of their teachers, as well as their fellow club members, students are able to truly learn and develop into more curious and experienced chemists.