Oct 172018
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Written by Mr O’Dowd, Assistant Head of Senior School

Parents of our Year 8 students spent a pleasant afternoon meeting with their child’s form tutor and other parents from the form group at the annual Year 8 Coffee Afternoon. Whilst tea, coffee and cakes were enjoyed, parents were keen to hear how their children had settled back into school in the first half of the term.

Parents were also eager to find out about upcoming assessments, dates of interim reports and details of the eagerly anticipated Year 8 Camp Trip to Ras Al Khaimah in February and conversations went on way into the afternoon.

As well as the informal discussions with tutors, some students took the opportunity to take their parents on a tour of the school and show off their form rooms and teaching spaces.

“It is always a pleasure to see so many parents support their students by attending these type of events. They are important in building strong relationships between the tutor, parent and students.” Sarah Tierney, Head of Year 8.