Oct 172018
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Written by Mrs Drummond

Representatives from universities from the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia visited the Senior School recently to hold a University Fair in the School Hall during first break. They were eagerly greeted by a large crowd of keen students from Years 10 -13. Fresh from the airport, our guests tirelessly answered questions, ranging from the more obvious admissions requirements, “Will I need to do IELTS?” and, ” how much will it cost?” to, “what are the dorms like?”

Many were also interested to discover whether international students are treated differently by admissions tutors. Happily, for our guests, students were eager to speak to all the visiting universities with Newcastle and Exeter University hopefuls forming long but orderly queues to pick their experts’ brains! Essex, Plymouth, Birmingham City and the University of Central Lancashire also hosted a constant stream of eager future undergraduates. A good deal of interest was also shown in the more far-flung institutions like the University of Colorado in Denver (USA), Brock University (Canada) and La Trobe (Australia), testament to the truly global outlook held by St Christopher’s School students. As the students departed for lessons at the end of the break, some rather reluctant to end their conversations, it was unanimously agreed that the event had been a great success for the universities and students alike. Those that came along to see what life after St Chris might hold were not disappointed and look forward to continuing their studies filled with enthusiasm for the next chapter.