Feb 122015
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Wild and Wonderful!


Nur Al Areen

The whole of Nursery spent an exciting day visiting Al Areen. This enjoyable and educational visit extended the children’s knowledge of wildlife in our Nature, Nurture topic.

Thank you to the parents that were in attendance to help the children and answer the varied and infinite questions. e.g. “Why does that duck have red lipstick?”


After a false start due to the fog, Reception made it to Al Areen this week on a beautiful sunny day. We all had a super time looking at all the animals, particular favourites being the cheetah, the white tiger and the hyenas. We managed to see the pelicans being fed and we even had a cheeky camel trying to nibble on the ear of a parent helper!! The children did not forget their search for minibeasts as this is our topic at the moment and many were very successful, finding caterpillars, ants and woodlice.

Recp Alareen

 Thank you to all the parent helpers who came to support this trip, as ever, these trips could not go ahead without your help.