Feb 122015
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Who’s Coming to Town?


The Cat in the Hat was coming to town,
Nursery and Reception said ‘let’s write our names down,
Let’s go to the theatre,’
They shouted with glee
‘The Cat in the Hat will be fantastic to see!’

They boarded the bus,
with a smile on each face
Drove to where the Cat in the Hat
was going to take place.

They sat on their chairs,
in very straight rows.
The lights were dimmed
and the audience froze.

and then something went BUMP!
How that bump made us jump!
We looked!
Then we saw him step in on the mat!
We looked!
and we saw him!
the Cat in the Hat!
and he said to us,
‘Why do you sit there like that?
I know it is dark
and you’ve paid lots of money.
but we can have
lots of good fun that is funny!’

‘I know some good games we could play,’
said the cat.
‘I know some new tricks,’
said the Cat in the Hat.
‘A lot of good tricks.
I will show them to you.
Your teacher will not mind at all if I do.’

At home, their parent came in
and they said ‘I ask you ,
did you have any fun?
tell me.  What did you do?’

Should we tell them about it?
Now, what SHOULD we do?
what did YOU do
when your parent asked YOU?