Feb 122015
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Spelling is Confoosing Dificult Hard!

Recent weeks have seen the four Houses in the Junior School battle each other for the title of  ‘Spelling Bee Champions 2015’. After an initial round in classes, the top representative from each house went through to the grand final held in the sound suite.


The final was composed of three nerve wracking rounds. Round one was played

together in groups of 3. Round two was the tough individual round where they stood before the judge, reciting the word out loud back to him. And finally it culminated in a team round where some of the toughest words were thrown at the children to spell out.

Spelling bee

Winners were:

Year 3 – Osprey, Year 4 – Falcon , Year 5 – Kestrel and  Year 6 – Osprey

Well done to everyone who took part in the event and managed to get through to the finals!