Feb 122015
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Seef Mall Trip – Year 7

On Thursday 29 January, we set off to Seef Mall to find information to help us support or reject our hypotheses.  When we arrived, Miss Reilly, in an organised manner, split us into our groups and reminded us exactly what we had to do.  I enjoyed using the different methods of collecting data to help me find the information needed for this investigation, especially the questionnaires, as I liked finding out why people liked coming to Seef Mall. We worked outside of the Mall first, conducting pedestrian and traffic counts, EQS and field sketches. We then made our way inside where we split up and continued gathering a range of data to help us find the answers to our enquiry. We had tons of fun and we all loved undertaking the field trip. The field trip was interactive and also engaging, however, inducing a spirit of teamwork between all of us. Then, after buzzing through our investigations, we raced to lunch. On the whole, my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we returned to school very happy that we had gathered enough data to help us write up our investigation.  The whole experience was the best time I possibly have had since joining the Senior School. ~ Vansh Patel 7F

Bab Al Bahrain Souq – Year 9

Year 9 students went to the Souq in Bab Al Bahrain, Manama to try and assess how it would be affected by pedestrianisation.  The area is often congested, which can cause a range of environmental, social and economic problems. The aim of our investigation was to find out whether redevelopment in the form of pedestrianisation will help reduce congestion. We had a great experience because we had the opportunity to see the shops and the different people who visited the area. We had to complete land use maps, questionnaires, Environmental Quality Surveys and pedestrian/vehicle counts. Overall, we greatly enjoyed the trip. ~ Makhdooma Malik and Yara Hatim 9G