Feb 122015
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Footy Fun


St Christopher’s once again hosted the annual BSME football competition at the Saar campus on the weekend of 23/24 January.


There were 14 teams in this year’s competition and every team was in the same groups meaning that the top 4 qualified for the play off places. It also meant that each team had at least 13 games!! After a hard fought group stage 2 of the St Christopher’s teams got through to the semi-finals.


I am pleased to report that St Chris Utd managed to make it to the final but unfortunately lost, which meant they were runners up. St Chris Rovers also managed a superb 3rd place finish. Well done to all three teams that took part in the competition and particular thank you to all the staff and helpers for the day. Hassan Qamber said, “ It was a brilliant day and one I particularly enjoyed as I score many goals” and Issam Khan added “ I had so much fun!”


St Chris entered 2 teams into this year’s tournament. Both teams had high hopes after training weekly since September. There was a total of 7 teams entered and everyone played each other twice before the semi-finals could be announced. Both teams played like professionals with goal scorers Alex Myatt, Gracie Nahle, Chloe Maxwell, Ruby Mitchel, Nayfah Al Ali, Imaan Makdoum, Maya Husain and Tara Maye keeping the other teams quivering in their boots! St Chris A varied their wins between 6-0, 5-0 and 4-0 with their toughest match coming from St Chris B who equaled at one stage!


Well done to Jameila Hasied and Sophie Moir who were fabulous goal keepers. Helping them in defense were Talia Husain, Kyla Reekie, Kathleen Holland, Trudy McInroy, Freya Evans, Francesca Al Bastaki, Maisie Brandreth, Hibah Muzammil, Reem Mercer, Leena Makdoum and Helena Mills. Both teams played amazingly well and made it to the semi-finals, with St Chris B finishing 3rd place winners and St Chris A winning the final against BIS Jeddah with a convincing 2-1.