Feb 122015
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A Pirates Life For Me!

Blistering Barnacles! What a day!

In January, the children in Year 2 launched the half term Pirate history topic with a cannon sized BOOM, as everyone became pirates and buccaneers for the day.

Y2 Pirates

They arrived adorned in their pirate finery and immersed themselves in the more exciting parts of pirate life that included storming neighbouring classes and “plundering” their loot,  taking “prisoners” and writing ransom demands as well as indulging in an enormous pirate feast, and making their own glittering pirate coins! All the staaaaaaffffff joined in too…

The day began with a parade for parents and children in Nursery and Reception to admire their amazing costumes, swords and flintlock pistols! Several of the children commented, in their best pirate accents, that it had been the best day of the year so faaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!

Y2 Pirates2