Feb 122015
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Close to the Real Thing

BAYMUN groupOver 20 of our finest Model United Nations delegates attended the BAYAN School MUN in January. The conference saw two days of intense debating and discussion, all within the rules and regulations of a mock UN assembly, with over 400 students from 15 schools attending. True to form, the St Christopher’s delegation worked with energy and enthusiasm. Four of our students acted as Chairs in the conference and special mention goes to Bahnavi Kinger who was selected as Deputy Secretary General.

We left the conference with a clutch of Council awards, including 6 of the 12 Conference “Best Delegate” awards. Onwards and upwards now to the BritMUN in March!

BAYMUN final listing


Anuja Jaiswal Chair
Sheran Mendis Chair
Rea Karani Chair
Yasmeen Jassim Chair

Bhanavi Kinger: Deputy Secretary General

Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM):

UK:   Mohamed Bucheeri,

The Special Political and Decolonisation Committee:

UK: Mandla Kembo
Croatia: Charles Moulder

Legal Committee:

UK: Waheeba Al Salah
Guinea: Meeraal Zaheer
Colombia: Lahan Sperinck

United Nation Human Rights Council (HR):

Croatia: Shawn Paul
Mozambique: –  Gabby Liandu
Belgium: Shehab Al Shehabi

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC):

Croatia: Ananya Mishra
Colombia: – Lana Nagi

World Health Organisation (WHO):

UK: Rushil Puri
Colombia: Sophie Blankholm

World Bank:

UK: Reece Guyon
Belgium: Ayoob Zamn

Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC):

Croatia: Adam Wilson

International Labour Organisation (ILO):

Croatia: Simran Bhatt
Belgium: Alisha Dhume
Colombia: Bayan Al Turabi

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP):

Mozambique: Nayanika Cherian

Security Council:

UK: Hisham Husain