Dec 122018
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The Primary school celebrated the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day in November. There was a fantastic range of food based activities and cooking demonstrations. Pupils baked healthy dishes from scratch at home to sell, to help raise money for the school cleaner’s day out. We raised a very generous 653 BD.

We also had some fantastic live cooking demonstrations from Makai, the Crowne Plaza, NKD Pizza, Seed, Wagamama’s and Chipa. Alosra encouraged children to sample different fruit and vegetables. Children really enjoyed planting a seed to grow at home, kindly provided by Jassim on Budaiya Highway. Get, set, ready cook organised healthy dishes for the children to make as well as making their own freshly squeezed orange juice with Mrs Cranage.

There were healthy breakfast ideas as well as stand showing the amount of fat and sugar in popular drinks and fast food. The children had a very knowledgeable and enjoyable visit to our Food Revolution Day.

Also many thanks to our super parent helpers on the day.

Author: Jamie Wilkins, DT Subject Leader