Dec 052018
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Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic day out exploring a selection of historical sights across Bahrain. They visited the National Museum, the Bahrain Fort and an actual archaeological dig taking place near Saar.

We were lucky enough to have tours of the locations provided by staff who worked there and the children all learnt a great deal from their experience.

At school, they have been learning all about the ancient Dilmun period and this day out made them realise how evidence of this period surrounds us all the time.

The highlight of the day however, was prudence from 6B, who found an actual Dilmun seal at the dig sire – the only one that has been found there despite many professional archaeologists working there – she has eagle eyes! The seal is being cleaned and will be displayed in the National Museum. Prudence is currently looking for employment as Indiana Jones.

“This stuff is much more interesting when you understand what it is and where it comes from”,  Dara Clifton on studying some Dilmun pottery in the museum.

Author: Rob van der Eyken, Year 6 Leader