Jan 302019
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The children waited in hushed expectancy as the band led them in a warm-up routine that hinted of the delights to come.

Amazingly from behind the audience at the top of the immaculate theater appeared the family of bears – introducing themselves and their band!

Some adults couldn’t “bear” the dodgy jokes, however, the children lapped up the humour – “barely” pausing to chat.

It had everything – Baby Bear flossing as quickly as any of the Year Twos (we’re not talking teeth here) and Baby Bear do..do..do….(to the tune of baby shark….)…

The bare necessities were all there. Going on a Bear Hunt, Down to the Wood…you’ll be sure of a big surprise…..Well the children were especially surprised by the fast paced slapstick and the humorous bee sting that brought the show to a close.

All too soon the show drew to a close..the teachers fought for buses and

all were left dancing to Baby Shark…… I mean Baby Bear…..

” I loved it when they did the Flossing dance and played the instruments.”

Author: Martin Clifton