Jan 302019
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A slight breeze, some cloud cover, temperature in the twenties celsius – perfect conditions for a Sports Day and on Wednesday 3 December 2018, we had two. Year 4 started the day off, hyped up, psyched up and ready for smiling. Hundreds of points were scored as the competitors worked hard for their house teams in events such as negotiating the slalom relay, driving over, under and through the obstacles relay, sprinting for their lives, and hurling the javelin into the high-points-scoring areas.

Year 3 were ready to pick up from where Year 4 had left off, even more excited if the decibel levels or cheering were anything to go by. Every competitor gave their all to jump high, jump far, hurdle rapidly and throw accurately. The overall points scored for each house team concluded in their thousands.

Well done to all the children involved for all of their hard work, determination, achievement and cheering of teammates. Big thanks go out to all of the staff who turned out to help each event run smoothly.

Year 3: 

1st – Kestrel 

2nd – Osprey 

3rd – Merlin x

4th – Falcon 

Year 4:

1st – Falcon

2nd – Kestrel

2nd – Kestrel

4th – Osprey

Author: Stephen Dales