Jan 302019
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The weather was perfect and the athletes were raring to go for the annual sports day! Some tremendous races and many records were broken. Some that had stood for many years. These included Amara 6A (last broken 2007), Hanna 6B (last broken 2008) and Z. Khan ( last broken 2010). Congratulations also to Charlie 6A, Faris 6F, Kiana 5D, Katy 5C, Lotta 5D and the Osprey Year 5 Girls relay team for all breaking records. A tremendous day and well done to all the year 5 & 6 pupils.

“The best day in Year 6 – Louis Cornee”, Nobody gave up – Mati S

Final Score

4th Kestrel, 3rd Merlin, 2nd Osprey, 1st Falcon

Author: Mark Holness