Jan 302019
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The inaugural Inter-House Bake Off took place on 25 November for Juniors and 2 December for Seniors.  Many thanks to all competitors who made it such a fantastic event, and to Dr Goldsmith and Mrs Wardle for their discerning palates used in judging the array of cupcakes and sandwich cakes.

The quality of bakes produced was outstanding and the judges were highly impressed with the artistry and skill on display from the bakers. The winners of the respective categories were Gina Gawargi and Miriam Krett (Osprey) in the Juniors and Maddie Harrison-Mirfield (Merlin) in the Seniors.

Final Score:

1st Merlin    20

2nd Osprey  18

3rd Falcon    13

4th Kestrel     9

Author: Conal Smith, Head of Osprey House